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2, the two part of the fixed clip design makes the downpipe look beautiful and generous, and can be fixed to any exterior facade.
3, the protective net and the circular wall design reduces the number of decontamination and makes more convenient and efficient dust removal.
4. The whole water system is beautiful in appearance and elegant in color.
5, good toughness, low temperature impact resistance, impact resistant, ladder by pressure, snow, not prone to depression, distortion or deformation.
6 and more heat resistant PVC materials can resist prolonged exposure to sunlight.
7, UV resistance, good aging resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, lasting like new.
8, easy to cut, easy to install, no special tools.
9, mature formula technology, maintain product performance with super stability.
10, gutter cover exquisite, reliable embedded pumping type connection with components, ensure no leakage, drainage is more smooth.
11. The inner wall of the gutter is designed with small arc edges to prevent dirt buildup and facilitate cleaning.
12, the water bucket with locking devices with special lifting members, convenient mobile (such as mowing the lawn or regular repair). The color of the double wall falling water system is distinguished by its sub white color.
this system embodies the people-oriented design concept, the rain falling from within your grasp. No matter what style your building is, we always build your own water system to add a bright color to your building. Showing the style of falling water, highlighting three points: 1) soft lines; 2) putting people first; 3) integrating with houses.
structural design advantages
> 1, gutter and cover made of elaborate, intercalation connections between components to ensure that the system does not leak and drains more smoothly; < / span>
font-size: 14px; > > 2, Decorative eaves design is integrated with architectural style;
3, carefully designed double wall structure: maintain the persistence and hardness of the system;
> 4, the inner wall of the gutter is small arc design: prevent dirt collection Knot, easy to clean;
5, matching fixed components: make the gutter adapt to any angle of the installation surface;
> 6, fixed clip design: make the water pipe look beautiful and generous, and firmly fixed to any external wall stand. Surface;
7, grounding parts, with special bending and lifting components with locking device for easy movement.