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Hangzhou Manbusi building materials Co., Ltd.

is a professional manufacturer of water falling system materials in China. Its "man booth" brand color aluminum, PVC and falling water system are recognized as excellent and reliable products by customers. The company has observed strict production standards and ISO quality system control standards at each stage of production.

we know that the success of a business is the joint effort of many partners. We are willing to offer more business opportunities with our products and services and share the joy of success with our customers. It is our duty to improve our living environment. We are willing to repay our society with our energy saving products and welcome the bright future together.

company’s main metal falling water system, PVC water dropping system, colorful glass fiber tile, colored stone tile, and hardware tools such as glue gun, stirring rod, rod and other series products, and can customize the corresponding special requirements according to the customer’s demand.

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